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Terms and Conditions

It is agreed that both the buyer and the seller (referred to hereafter as the company) will abide by the terms of this agreement.

The laws of the United Kingdom will apply to this agreement, and the buyers rights under the sale of goods act will not be affected.

PAYMENT is due in full upon completion, unless otherwise agreed before hand in writing by the company. Monitored alarm systems are due for payment at the audible stage because the company cannot be held responsible for delays in Connection caused by any third party service provider.

Goods supplied shall remain the property of the company until payment is received in full.

In the case of non payment without prior agreement the company will be entitled to give notice of it's intention to enter the buyers property for the purpose of removing and re-possessing goods that it is entitled to. Late payment of commercial debts (interest) act 1998 shall apply to this agreement, & interest of debts outstanding after 30 days shall attract interest at 8% over the current bank rate on goods and service supplied.

INSTALLATION Quotations are valid for 30 days. From date of order the company will endeavour to complete the installation promptly. The company cannot however be held responsible for delays.

Every care will be taken during the installation. It will be necessary to drill holes, and screw items to the walls, doors and frames. It may also be necessary to lift carpets and floorboards. With exception to the damage associated as standard with the installation the company accepts responsibility for any other damage caused to fixtures, furnishings and buildings, up to but not greater than the quoted cost of installation (excluding VAT). Installation work will be carried out during normal working hours Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm, and it is the buyers responsibility to ensure that the companies employee is permitted to work without hold-up's or early closure of the premises during these hours. Delay completing the installation caused by the buyer, can be charged to the buyer at the hourly rate, by the company.

OPERATION AND USE OF THE SYSTEM is the buyers responsibility. Training will be given upon completion at the handover stage. With monitored intruder alarm systems the buyer must inform the company of every single alarm activation, whether genuine or a false alarm. This can be done by telephone in the first instance and followed by a letter, fax or email in writing. The company reserves the right to remove its name from goods installed in systems that are not maintained. This is to prevent others gaining a false bad impression of the system installed, should it repeatedly false alarm due to faulty parts or user error. A 12 month parts and labour guarantee is given with all new systems. The buyer may not tamper with the system, and should this be done all guarantees will become void. In or on certain items, security seals may be used to prevent tampering. Records of the system's readings will be left on site for the buyer to take care of. These should be produced if required by the companies service engineers. Please keep in a safe place.

DATA PROTECTION ACT - The company will keep records of the installation on computer. This information will be treated in the strictest confidence & will not be used by anyone other than the company. The information held will not be used for any other purpose than recording information to assist the company in offering the buyer a quality service. Credit/Debit card details will be used to process transactions but will not be stored.

DATA PROTECTION FOR COMMERCIAL CCTV INSTALLATIONS If your system records images of people that are kept on tape or digital disc, you must register the installation under the Data Protection Act. This can be done on-line by visiting the information commissioner's website. Warning signs must be strategically placed to inform the public that recording is taking place. A data protection compliance kit will be quoted for with every commercial CCTV system. The kit includes 31 tapes (1 for each day) a warning sign, and a system log book, or in the case of digital recording it will be CD's or DVD's supplied in the kit. If using tapes they should be stored in a metal lockable cabinet and this will be quoted for unless the buyer advises the companies representative that they already have this secure facility to store the tapes.

HEALTH AND SAFETY is the responsibility of both parties. During the installation our engineer will have tool boxes, steps, ladders, and power tools like drills inside your premises. He/she can not keep an eye on these items at all times and it would be in the interest of safety if the buyer could make those people that will be present within the building aware of the hazards. It will be helpful and also in the interest of health and safety if the buyer could make the company aware of any hazards at the premises, (In the case of domestic installations this might include pets).

In domestic installations the company would like to point out the danger to young children. Whilst the engineer is concentrating on the installation he/she will be unable to control inquisitive children. Please keep your children safe and discourage them from 'HELPING THE ENGINEER'.

If your company has any specific H&S policies that involve induction training, please liaise with the company before the installation date to ensure our engineer arrives prepared.

Due to the nature of security system and electrical installations refunds are not possible after the installation work has begun. Materials are ordered specifically for each job, and each job is unique. Prior to your acceptance you will have received a specification detailing the goods to be installed, where they will be fitted & how they will operate. If you have placed your order but the installation has not begun we will accept cancellation provided at least 24-hours notice is given.

Materials will be delivered to the job by our engineer on the day of the installation. If the job is exceptionally large and requires for example specialist transport or machines to deliver the equipment then a prior arrangement will be agreed in advance with you if delivery from our supplier direct to your site is required.

The company have a website but do not sell from that website to the end user. The website is simply a means to showcase some of the products available that make up installations. Where prices are shown for items on the website they are simply an example, and a fixed price quotation will always be given for items to be included in a specified system to be installed. The company do not sell to the DIY customer.

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