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Single Channel Mini Recorder


MiniD400 (Single Channel 4-CIF Mini DVR C/W 1GB SD card, 12VdcI

Introduction The new MiniD400-1GB records at 4-CIF the same resolution that is seen of high-end DVRs and can now store data onto a 8-GB SD card. This achieves between 9.5hrs at High-quality 4-CIF to 1day at Low-quality 4-CIF. Housed in the same ultra-small casing the DVR has the same look, feel and features as the MiniD100 DVRs.

Target Markets and Applications The small size of the MiniD400’s, the removable solid state recording media (SD cards) and low power consumption, allow it to be concealed almost anywhere; such as covert locations, on/in other equipment and even powered by standard batteries.Target markets include: Covert applications such as monitoring stock rooms Convenience stores Private investigators   Staff theft prevention and detection Protection of public employers

Features and Benefits:

4-CIF Recording Resolution: Image quality on par with high-end DVRs. There are three  resolution settings: 4-CIF, 2-CIF & CIF each one has three quality settings High, Medium and Low.

Small, compact and lightweight: The miniature size (90 x 45 x 17mm) and lightweight construction (50g) makes the DVR extremely versatile, making it the covert recorder of choice.

Motion Detection and alarm input: The MiniD will start recording on the detection of motion in front of the camera and on the receipt of an alarm contact, greatly enhancing the record duration  and speed of search.

Pre-alarm with adjustable time: This is especially important when in event recording mode, the pre-alarm images also assists the operator by showing them what led up to the alarm activation.

LED Indication of Alarm/Event recordings: The LEDs are a simple visible alert of alarm / event occurrences is especially important for staff theft prevention and detection.


Covert board camera

Covert board camera

Fit this board camera into a housing of your choice, small enough to fit inside many everyday objects.Camera Features:  Sony 1/3” interline transfer monochrome CCD, High resolution 600TVL,   Advanced miniature technology, Electronic shutter control,  Automatic gain control,  3.6mm conical pinhole lens

Technical data:     Image sensor Sony 1/3-inch interline monochrome CCD,   Horizontal resolution 600TVL monochrome – 752 x 582 pixels,   Electronic shutter 1/50 – 1/100,000 seconds,    Sensitivity 0.1 lux @ f1.2,    Signal to noise ratio greater than 45dB (agc off),    Lens options 3.6mm conical pinhole lens,    Power consumption 100mA,    Video output 1V p-p ~ 75,    Dimensions 32mm x 32mm,    Power supply 12V ± 10% regulated,    Operating temperature -10° C ~ +50° C,    Operating humidity 10% ~ 90%.



Audio Board with Microphone


AUDIO OUTPUT (WHITE) LINE LEVEL,  VIDEO OUTPUT (YELLOW) WHEN FITTED TO A CAMERA MODULE, 0v GROUND (BLACK), 12vDC + (RED) The AUDIO lead uses the 0-volt line as its ground level. The return lead/screen for the AUDIO signal should be connected to the 0v lead. When the PCBA is fitted to a camera module, line 2 is provided to pass the VIDEO signal.  

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