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Proximity - Simple & Secure

When you lose a key, you have the expense and inconvenience of replacing locks and all the other keys, or you accept that your building is no longer secure.  PROXIMITY is a user friendly, reliable and convenient way to unlock a door.  No more searching for keys or locks getting jammed.  PROXIMITY Access control gives you control over who has access to your building.  PROXIMITY gives easy, convenient access for those who have a right to enter the building.  PROXIMITY is maintenance free.  The enrolment card is found in the card pack.  The card pack is unique to your building and contains either ten, twenty five, fifty or one hundred user cards. 

All you have to do is issue the cards.  The card pack contains user cards and shadow cards.  The user cards are in pockets on the left-hand side of the wallet.  The shadow cards are in pockets on the right-hand side of the wallet.  Simply supply a user card to each member of staff.  Record their names on the corresponding shadow cards.  The shadow card pockets have a cut-out window to make writing on the shadow card easy. The user presents their card to the reader and the door unlocks.  Cards or key-fobs are easy to carry in a wallet or on a key-ring.  Cards and key-fobs have no batteries.  Convenience and ease of access are assured. 

Lost Card! Open the card wallet and remove the shadow card with that person’s name.  Go to the reader and present the shadow card.  The lost user card is now barred.  If found, the lost user card will no longer allow access.  

Restricting access by token colour  PROXIMITY systems can be used to control access through several doors in a building.  Access can be restricted to certain areas based on the colour of a user’s token.  A function card pack is required.

Example of zoning areas with proximity fobs

Example of zoning areas with proximity fobs

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