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Oracle Dome camera

The new Oracle dome from Dedicated Micros provides incredible integration with the latest generation of DV-IP Digital Video Recorders.  Enabling powerful features such as point & Go capabilities.

Point & Go provides the operator with easy to use, on screen, telemetry control.  Users are able to have pan and tilt control of an attached DM Oracle dome simply by clicking an area of the screen. 

Offering: Indoor, outdoor, analogue and IP models.  The Oracle series offers users complete flexibility with day/night and colour only models and optical zoom capabilities of up to 36 X.

  • Under command the dome will move to the required position just like a pre-set - fast and accurate.
  • Operate the pan and tilt control of a DM Oracle dome on-screen via a USB mouse.  The camera will instantly respond positioning the selected area in the centre of the screen.
  • For remote viewers - Integration with NetVu Observer version 1.9.2 and above.
  • Point & Go is perfect for network based systems where latency can mean that accurate joystick control is almost impossible.
  • Point & Go is part of a range of features being implemented in its new generation of DVR products. 

Absolute Positioning The Oracle Dome uses its unique Absolute Positioning* capability in conjunction with the Camera Selection Maps feature of Dedicated Micros next generation DVRs to allow an operator to, with one mouse click, select a camera and send it to view an area of the site (Pan & Tilt).

Day/Night variants with 530TVL resolution and class leading low light performance

• HyperD - Wide Dynamic Range Technology
• Up to 24 Mosaic Privacy Zones
• Vandal resistant hemisphere and housing
• Pre-wired 3m of composite cable included
• Compatible with existing Dedicated Micros dome accessories
• DM RS485 and UTC telemetry
• 4 alarm inputs and one output supplied as standard
• Point&Go Telemetry control and Absolute Positioning through Dedicated Micros next generation
DV-IP products *

*Point&Go , Absolute Positioning and Configuration from DVR features are only available when a DM Oracle Dome is used in conjunction with a next generation DV-IP DVR such as DV-IP Server, DV-IP Express, DV-IP HD, DV-IP RT, NetVu Console or HighVu Excel with DM RS485 telemetry.  Please ask about compatibility.



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