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Galaxy Dimension Grade 3

The Galaxy Dimension alarm panel is grade 3 making it suitable for almost any installation requiring a system between grades 2X, 2, and 3.  It is aimed at the ultra modern home or commercial installations.  The new touch-screen keypad is not just a gimmick it is brilliant and easy to use.  But it costs more money than the conventional keypad, and the system works as an alarm with the conventional keypad just as well. 

Seamlessly integrating intruder and access control functions the Honeywell Galaxy Dimension alarm control panel simplifies installation, maintenance and user operation.  Its revolutionary new graphical touch-screen control centre simplifies operation and helps reduce operator error.  With the capability to work with virtually any existing access cards or readers and simple programming combined with backwards compatibility allowing trouble-free installation, makes it a winning solution for both the installer and end-user.

This control panel replaces Honeywell's Galaxy G2 and G3 alarm panels which they have now said are discontinued.  The new Dimension alarm panel also works with all the detectors shown on this website of either grade 2 or 3 standard except the wireless range shown with the 490 panel; however there are wireless detectors available that work with this panel for a similar price, please ask us about them if interested.  The panel can also work with a GSM module where there is no phone line (SIM card required).

We are now specifying this alarm panel on all grade 3 installations (domestic and commercial), and also on grade 2 commercial systems requiring more than eight detectors.   Most alarm panels are very reliable nowadays; we however prefer to stick to the Galaxy range because over many years of installing it we have found it to be totally reliable.  Our engineers are very familiar with the programming and we can also dial into it remotely to offer support without visiting the site every time.  You might find that a real bonus if a detector develops a fault at 2am.

Galaxy Dimension variants

Galaxy Dimension variants

There are four models available:

Galaxy Dimension: 48C,  96C,  264C,  520C.  The number is the maximum number of zones that control panel can accept and the C on the end of the code means there is a built in communicator for remote signalling. The panels do not have that number of zones built into them, this is achievable by adding expander modules called RIO's (Remote Input / Output).

The RIO expander adds 8-zones to the alarm system, it can be fitted a long way from the actual panel and has just one cable between RIO and the panel.  This means that huge bunches of cable need not all go back to the location of the control panel. 

There is a very fancy touch screen keypad available to use with the Dimension control panels, but this is not compulsory.  The touch keypad costs a lot more money than the conventional keypad and both types work with the system.  So there is no need to buy the touch keypad if you don't want to - but it does look fantastic and very modern, and is really nice and easy to use too.



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