Total Access Control

Total Access Control
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Why use PC-based access control?  Central control - all doors can be controlled from one place.  Complete flexibility - access can be granted to users according to time and place.  Reporting - an event is generated every time a token is used to gain access. 

What are the advantages of central control?  Full control of the system from your desk.  Users are added and instantly have the access rights that you permit.  Individual access rights can be altered.  The changes instantly update at the doors.  Tokens voided - someone leaves without handing back his/her token, simply bar that user token from the system.  Explorer style software makes all tasks quick and easy to perform. 

What does reporting give me? The events screen allows you to view the “real time” events as they are happening.  See ‘who is in today’ with a glance at your computer.  You can see if unauthorised access has been attempted, either by forcing a door, or use of an invalid token.  Default reports are available from the software.  Standard reports can show all events, all events in a set time frame, last known position of a user and much more.  Report wizard - allows you to create custom reports. 

What does ‘complete flexibility’ mean?  Using time zones means you can allow or refuse access to different individuals or groups of people, to different doors within Set time zones.Example: You may only want factory staff to have access to offices during standard office hours.  The factory staff could have fobs set to allow them access to the building from 8am to 6pm, but the office door could be set up to only allow access between 9am and 5.30pm for this group of users.  Time zones can be created to give groups of people or individuals access at set times of day.  Public holidays may be entered - and permissions set against these to allow or not allow access to staff.  Issuing cards is simplified.  If a department is set up with a time zone of 9am-5.30pm on the office door, a token issued to a member of that department automatically only allows them through the door between 9am and 5.30pm. 

Triggers & Actions.  Triggers & Actions feature allows control of elevators, lighting, heating and much more.  As well as controlling access throughout your building, Net2 has a host of other features that enable integration with other building facilities. These include intruder alarm, fire alarm, heating, lighting, CCTV and elevators.  Lights - When the last person leaves the office, any lights that have been left on can be configured to automatically switch off.  Convenient and efficient.Lift control -  A user may present his or her token, this calls the lift and takes them to the relevant floor. 
Email notification - Net2 can email you when certain events occur.  For example, if you are interested in users attempting unauthorised access to an area, Net2 can inform you of who, when and where.


Remote sites  If premises are remote from the main office and are not permanently staffed, then access can be controlled from head office via the connection.  You can bar a user from a remote site - effective immediately.  You can issue cards for a remote site - effective immediately.  You can issue cards for a remote site in exactly the same way as at your head office.  Net2 can be used to control access on remote sites using dial-up via modem or TCP/IP (Local or Wide Area Network connection LAN/WAN). 
This provides many advantages:

Site Graphics  The ‘Site Graphics’ feature allows operators to monitor events around their site at a glance.  Site Graphics provides a visual representation of the site, complete with door locations and real-time door status information.  Site Graphics alerts the user to door-forced events or unauthorised access attempts and where they are occurring, allowing those monitoring to act swiftly to investigate the event. 

Time-sheet for time and attendance  Shows the number of hours worked by each employee. 
Time-sheet is used for recording simple time and attendance.  Dedicated readers (independent of the door readers) need to be used for time and attendance.  Check at a glance, who is in, who is out, who is working out of the office, who is on holiday.  Set the number of days holiday per employee - Time-sheet will show how many days remain to be taken.  Employees who work from home can log in over a network.  Time-sheet information can be exported as a CSV file for use with payroll applications. 

Milestone integration Easily integrate Milestone’s advanced IP camera surveillance system with Net2.  Milestone XProtect integration provides archived event footage at the click of a button.  Easily gather visual evidence of alarm events, such as doors being forced or invalid tokens being used to attempt access.  Simplifies visual monitoring of your site.  Launch event footage directly from the events screen.  Associates footage with events as they occur. 

Roll Call and muster reporting  Roll call and muster reporting is a means of checking staff in at a central point if there has been an alarm which requires the evacuation of a building.  A reader is located on a safe area of the site - for example a gate house.  A roll call/muster report is generated on the PC at the muster point to show who was in the building at the time of the alarm.  Staff members present their token to the reader at the muster point.  The Net2 report will update to a status of “safe” against the record of the token holder.  At a glance you can check who has registered at the muster point - and who is still missing. 

Net2Air hands free - long range access control from Paxton Access  Hands free convenience - tokens read from your pocket.  Only those users who need hands free access require hands free tokens - keep costs down.  Retrofit to existing Net2 systems - Net2Air means no hardware redundancy.  Excellent upgrade potential.  Massive read range from small inconspicuous readers - convenience without detracting from the look of the building.  3D antenna - key-fobs will read at any angle.  Get the convenience of ‘hands free’ access easily with Net2Air hands free.  A Net2Air hands free interface is simply installed between the PROXIMITY P series reader and the Net2 access control unit.  With the addition of this interface any PROXIMITY P series reader can become hands free.  Standard readers can then achieve read ranges that were previously unthinkable!  128-bit AES encryption technology is used for ultimate security and peace of mind. The Net2Air interface is powered directly from the ACU - no need for additional PSUs.


Total Access Control
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Total Access Control
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Total Access Control
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Total Access Control
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