Grade 3 detectors

Grade 3 detectors
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Detectors suitable for use with a grade-3 system have anti-masking built in.

This means if somebody should try to compromise the system during the unset period by covering or blocking the lens of a PIR for example, then an audible tone is heard.  A manager level code is required to be entered into the keypad when a description of which detector has been compromised is then displayed.  The detector can easily then be viewed by the manager and if the object blocking its range can be removed then the system warning can be cleared down thus allowing the alarm to be set.

Grade 3 detectors
iWISE™ Green Line DTAM G3

iWISE™ Green Line DTAM G3    
The iWISE DT AM is the finest in detecting misconducts.  Any attempt to approach the detector and mask its field-of-view activates the AM relay and the Alarm, while camouflaged burglars are identified by the ACT™ Technology.
iWISE Green Line DT AM series follow the environmentally-friendly standards & are called - the Green Line detectors. Green Line Detectors means that the active MW channel can be disabled when the alarm system is in “unset” mode.  
• Dual MW & PIR Technologies
• Anti-Cloak™ Technology (ACT™)
• Coverage up to 25m (83ft)
• EN50131-1 Grade 3 approved
• “Green” setting – MW disabled during unset
• Active IR Anti-Mask with separate relay
• Built-in EOL resistors, jumper selectable
• Flexible installation height up to 3.3 (10’10”)
• Creep zone
• 3 LED walk test indication
• High RF immunity 30V/m
• Anti-fluorescent interference signal processing
• Wall tamper proof swivel (optional)
• Corridor lens (optional)

Grade 3 detectors
Roller shutter contact - Grade 3
This magnetic contact is suitable for use on roller-shutter doors.  The wedge shaped part is fitted to the bottom of the door and has no wires going to it.  The other half of the detector is the longer part with the cable going to it, you will notice in the picture the cable near that part is already inside armoured protection.  The part with the cable going to it is secured to the floor and when the door is closed the wedge shaped part fitted onto the door lines up with it thus creating the circuit.  If the door is opened when the alarm is set the circuit is broken and generates an alarm condition.  On roller doors wider than 3mtrs we fit two of these contacts, with one on each side.  This is to avoid someone being able to prize up one corner of the roller door and creep underneath it.
Grade 3 detectors
Double push panic attack button (PA)

This is a small box shaped device, with two red buttons on one end.   If you want to set off your alarm (even when it is unset) simply press the two red buttons in together (using two fingers simultaneously).  Some alarms are programmed to have a silent PA button which means there is no sound whatsoever at the site if the button is pressed.  Other sites have the sounders activate immediately the button is pressed, and some have a delay before the sounders activate.  Each site is different depending on the needs of those that might have to press the button to summon help. 

If you have a look at the picture you will notice a small red-filled hole in the top.  This is usually green/yellow and it turns to red once the button has been pressed.  After the panic button has been pressed the alarm panel cannot be set until the panic attack button has been reset.  To reset it a small key is used (see the keyhole in the device on the picture).

Response to a panic attack button being pressed can: ring the siren outside, call the keyholders, or call the Police.  All this even when the system is not set.  Similar devices can be used to summon medical help for elderly, ill or disabled.

Grade 3 detectors
Industrial Lunar G3 and Green Line

As the only ceiling mount detector with Anti-Cloak™ Technology, it detects intruder camouflage attempts and delivers the highest performance level - even at high warehouse temperatures. The Industrial LuNAR G3 provides superior and more secure coverage compared to industrial wall-mount detectors.

Industrial LuNAR G3 can be remotely diagnosed and controlled via ProSYS upload/download software or via a Bi-Directional Remote Control.   
• Addressable Dual Technology detector with Anti-Cloak™ Technology
• Up to 8.6 m (28’) mounting height
• 3600 by 22m (72’) diameter coverage pattern
• 3 independently adjustable PIR channels for customized coverage
• Active IR Anti-Mask on all three lenses
• Green-Line for disabling the MW during unset
• 3 tri-color LEDs for easy walk testing
• Remote Control and diagnostics via ProSYS upload/download software or via a Bi-directional Remote Control
• Built-in EOL resistors, jumper selectable

Grade 3 detectors
iWise QuadSeq Grade 3
The iWISE Sequential Confirmation detector contains 2 separate PIR detectors in a singe housing, and conforms to DD243 requirements for sequential confirmation from two detectors. 
• 2 PIR detectors with non-overlapping patterns in a one housing
• Two independent alarm outputs
• Conforms to DD243 requirements for sequential confirmation
• Single mask and fault output
• PD6662, EN50131-1, TS50131-2-2 Grade 3
Grade 3 detectors
Grade 3, heavy duty industrial door contact
Grade 3 detectors
TMD 15mtr detector
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