Stopper 11

Stopper 11
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Cover To Help Stop Malicious or Accidental False Fire Alarms

The Stopper II is a unique device which has been helping stop false fire alarms around the world for more than 20 years, without restricting legitimate operation of devices such as fire alarm break glass call points.  It is ideal for schools, colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, stores, hotels, public buildings of almost every kind where there is a threat of false fire alarms. 

How it Works.  Stopper II consists of a clear, tamper-proof, tough polycarbonate cover and frame that fits over the break glass call point.  When lifted to gain access to the actual break glass, its optional battery powered integral sounder emits a piercing 95/97 dB (at 1 meter).  Immediate attention is drawn to the area and a prankster will either run or be caught.Constructed from tough clear polycarbonate and available in: red, blue, green or yellow, with custom labelling.  Weather proofing available with a choice of gaskets.  Break seal option for added security. Available with or without integral sounder.  Powered by a 9VPP3 battery (included).  Available for flush or surface mounted products.  Tested and accepted by fire prevention authorities and approved by testing organisations. 

STI 1200 Stopper II flush without sounder,  STI 1230 Stopper II surface without sounder,  STI 1100 Stopper II flush with sounder,  STI 1130 Stopper II surface with sounder,  STI 3100 50mm spacer (supplied with 1130 and 1230),  Options: For Green, Blue, or Yellow add /G, /B or /Y.  For break seal, add /BS. 

Example: STI 1130/Y/BS = Yellow Stopper II surface with sounder and break seal.


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